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Rick H.

Dr. Holly and husband Pete….WERE ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! The kennel and overall atmosphere and facility was very impressive. We felt like we were in BEAGLE HEAVEN. We were surrounded by beautiful people and gorgeous dogs. We met our Bellas (our puppy) family and relatives. Dr. Holly and Pete were very proud of their dogs and were very very gracious with their time and shared a lot of knowledge with us. This entire visit was one to be remembered. Anyone could tell immediately that Dr. Holly and husband Pete were totally committed to their dogs INCLUDING THIER WELFARE!! We can honestly and unequivocally recommend this breeder for all beagle lovers. We are indeed very proud of our puppy and very pleased and privileged to know we have an OUTSTANDING dog of HIGH QUALITY AND PEDIGREE Our hats go off to them both for providing such a cherished and fulfilling service. Thank you both for fulling our hearts and the ability to help heal our hearts from the recent loss of our previous (angel) beagle of 10 years!!

Garrett H.

Excellent experience! We had been searching out breeders for about a year. We were continually impressed with Rancho Robles Kennels. The quality of their breeding is impeccable. We especially love how much love and interaction there is between family and puppies. Very responsive to our questions as well as our desires in a new puppy. We've had our puppy two weeks now. She's very healthy and happy. Well adjusted and playful. She is the sweetest baby girl! We will definitely reach out to RRK when ready to bring another Beagle into our family! Thank you so much Pete and Dr. Holly.

Daniele G.

At Rancho Robles we found a couple in love with their Beagles. It was a great experience throughout the whole journey that brought us to pick up Joy (our puppy). For Beagle lovers, Rancho Robles is a must.

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